Ancient Echoes

Current Events, Coronavirus, & Spiritual Integrity with David Lonebear Sanipass and Matt Belair!

Ancient Echoes Science and Information comes through our Lead Scientist Mi’kmaq Elder David Lonebear Sanipass. David has been translating the ancient copper scrolls since his elders taught him at a very young age.

David Lonebear explains that the Copper Scrolls are a manual, and that they contain specific instructions. The information is vast and includes how the body works and heals, medicines, technologies for efficient energy, clean water, architecture, and how to grow more nutrient-dense foods.

Ancient Echoes shares Information based in Spiritual Science

Three major categories:

Ancient Teachings, Ancient Technologies, & Spiritual Community

Ancient Teachings

There are many Teachings that come from the Copper Scrolls including Star Teachings, Stories, Prophecies, and more. We are continuing to update our video library.

Ancient Technologies

The technologies described and translated from the Copper Scrolls are vast and have various uses for individuals and community.

Below find a video of David working on a “Magic Mirror” which works with the Human Energy Field. Also, David has developed technologies to receive information from outside of our atmosphere that can give us insights into what is happening here on earth and how we are affected as individuals and community.

David Lonebear Sanipass in the Lab with the Magic Mirror
Project Bright Star; The Balloon Project

We are always updating and adding more information about our technologies and projects. Click the button below for more information.

Spiritual Community

There are instructions in the Copper Scrolls for how to effectively build Global Community based on the first Teaching of Kindness.

Connect with Community in-person and online, and learn about the Technology of TEA’S. Click the button below for more information and how to participate.