About Us

Our Mission:

We practice ancient sound and technology to bring resolute to spirit. We are spiritual beings here to bring change by helping the community of the world understand what spirit is. Through information gathering and teaching, we help people understand spirit and the universe.

Who We Are:

David Lonebear Sanipass

David Lonebear Sanipass is a Mi’kmaq Elder and Stroyteller. He is also a spiritual scientist and mathematician. David has been working on translating ancient copper scrolls and has been teaching across the US and Canada for over 40 years.

Visit David’s Website Here: Lonebear’s Arts

Matt Belair

Host of the Master Mind Body Spirit Show

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Jaclyn Ouillette Sanipass

Visit Jaclyn’s Website Here: Jaclyn A Ouillette

Sherry McCullough

Sherry McCullough


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