David Lonebear’s Art

David Lonebear Sanipass is a Mi’kmaq Native American Elder, Traditional Storyteller, and Artist. His family are basketmakers, known around the world. David makes baskets, but focuses his skill and art on creating handmade basket tools.

A master flute maker and player, he is one of the last remaining who still makes the Traditional Mi’kmaq Northern Block Flute. This art will fade if it is not passed on.

David Lonebear Sanipass is also what we would call “artist” although there is no Mi’kmaq word for art. He adds to each piece he creates, whether tools, flutes, or jewelry, the messages he hears and sees and the stories that have been passed through generations…These stories too will be lost as there is no one to hold them anymore.

David Lonebear Sanipass Signs Prints of his Work

It is from David’s rich cultural history that David draws the images for his paintings from. Each piece is unique in that it holds a story rich with information.

All sales from David’s prints go directly to supporting him to continue speaking, teaching and creating art.

Please Visit David’s Personal Website to view and purchase his art and jewelry www.LonebearsArts.com

Thank you very much for your support!