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Join us as Mi’kmaq Elder, Spiritual Scientist, & Star Teachings Archivist David Lonebear Sanipass and the Star Teachers share the Star Teachings by LiveStream for the first time ever!

Join us for this historic event online!!

Date and Time

Sunday, August 9, 2020

6:00 PM – 10:00pm Eastern Time (EDT) Same as New York City


LiveStream! Event Online–Access from anywhere!

Limited in-person tickets available for Cadenza 5 depot Rd. in Freeport, Maine

By Donation

Suggested donation is $27 for Livestream (Online)/$37 in person

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and will help us cover costs of the venue and Livestream equipment and crew


Join us for a Virtual Assembly hosted in-person in Freeport, Maine and livestreamed to the world!

This event is a Blue Star Teachings REVEAL!

The Ancient Star Teachings have been hidden for centuries, only shared for the first time ever in 2012!

It wasn’t until Mi’kmaq Native American Elder David Lonebear Sanipass, in a historical move, shared these teachings to a non-native audience at a Speak in July of 2012 revealing information that hadn’t been shared in over 500 years.

David Lonebear Speaking in 2012

David Lonebear Sanipass spoke about The Great Shift, The Eastern Door, & the Prophecies… held within the Mi’kmaq Star Teachings– these words sparked an awakening in Southern Maine which has now spread across the United States, Eastern Canada, and to London, England!

Each Star Teachings event is different, revealing more information each time.
The “Blue Star Teachings” that will be shared during this event are Mi’kmaq Native American & Knights Templar Teachings…teachings that have never been shared like this before–and never have they been livestreamed to a global audience.

Be part of history in the making!

David Lonebear on the Teachings of the Blue Star Teachings


Featured Speaker

David Lonebear Sanipass, Mi’kmaq Elder, Traditional Storyteller, Star Teachings Archivist, Spiritual Scientist, and Historian. David, after being taught by over 600 elders from around the world who came to his home on the side of a mountain in Northern Maine, has walked across the U.S. & Canada giving these Ancient Star Teachings freely to all who ask and all who listen. In 2012 these teachings crossed a threshold from the Mi’kmaq to the non-native world and have now spanned the East Coast, the West Coast, and London! It is critical that the Teachings be shared now.

Guest Speakers

Jaclyn Ouillette Sanipass, Blue Star Teachings Event Host

Student of the Star Teachings since 2012, Jaclyn has studied closely with her husband David Lonebear Sanipass traveling many miles learning, studying, teaching, and speaking about the Ancient Star Teachings at countless events since 2013. In this event she will weave together the stories, the speakers, and share teachings on “Looking for the Star People.”

Chantell Purcell ~ Guest Speaker and Teacher from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Chantel traveled many miles to come to listen to the Star Teachings and then helped to bring the Star Teachings to Halifax, Nova Scotia by setting up many events and opportunities for these teachings to be shared once again in those areas. A student and teacher of the Star Teachings through study and real-life experience has brought her to help bring these teachings to a wider audience.

Trevor Sanipass ~ Mi’kmaq Culture – Past History & Traditions

Trevor Sanipass is Mi’kmaq First Nations from the community of Eskasoni, Cape Breton Island (Unama’ki); he currently resides with his family in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia.  

He is a very proud, direct descendant of the last hereditary Grand Chief John Denny Jr. 

Trevor is Indigenous Liaison with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice Correctional Services and served as a probation officer with the department for many years. Trevor is also an in-demand motivational speaker, a champion of diversity, and a role model for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, including youth. He is known for sharing his culture, knowledge, and wisdom with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities throughout the Atlantic Provinces. 

Trevor speaks in high schools, universities, and colleges with increasing demand for his presentations in the corporate world throughout the Atlantic provinces, as companies seek ways to understand and find ways to support reconciliation. 

A member of a long list of committees, Trevor is also a Human Rights Facilitator and Aboriginal Perceptions Facilitator in a program called “L’nu’way” for the Department of Justice. 

He is a member of the Treaty Education Speakers Bureau, an organization that facilitates and shares the Mi’kmaq Culture and Treaties with Nova Scotians in the Public Sector and with the broader public across Canada. He is a member of the Union of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw (UNSM) Justice Committee Representative for the Tripartite Forum.  

An advocate for healthy, active living, Trevor is well-known as a champion arm wrestler who placed 8th in the World Championships. He was named 2019 Coach of the Year by the Mi’kmaw Sport Council of Nova Scotia. He is also an associate producer and consultant for a television series called “Arm Nation” which first aired in the fall of 2018 on APTN. Trevor has written several books, some of which will soon be published by Nimbus. 

Trevor is also a featured columnist on CBC Radio’s Information Morning in Halifax, in a segment called Aknute’n, which translates to “tell us a story,” where he shares teachings about Mi’kmaq culture and more. 

Trevor has received two Minister of Justice Awards for “Exceptional Contributions to Corrections” in recognition of his dedication to his work within the department. In addition, Trevor received a limited-edition pin from the House of Commons for his commitment and support to Indigenous people and youth.

Be sure to follow Trevor on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube! 

Roberta Holloway ~ BEE Earth’s Energy

Star Teachings TEA’S Conductor, Traveler, and TEA’S Lite, & Artist. Roberta has been with the Star Teachings for Several Years. She has traveled to help activate TEA’S Lights in Maine, North Carolina, London, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. She brings tremendous light and lights up people around her where ever she goes…she is living the Star Teachings.

Tina Iron Bird Wardwell ~ Star Language

Tina had kept herself “hidden” within the service industry until 2012 when she was first introduced to Star Teachings. Once implementing this knowledge into everyday life, she quickly outgrew the skin that no longer fit who she was becoming and took flight to the mountains of Western NC to share these simple yet profound teachings and suggestions to cultivate a community there. It was within these transitions that she became recognized as the “Iron Bird”; the first in flight. Since 2015, with the help and support of other like-minded individuals taking ACTion and participating, a small satellite community still burns in the Southeast. Tina was among the original TEA lites; participating in the training program to help share the teachings in both new and deeply rooted communities.

Since that time she has taken the idea to the max, and sometimes failing forward in that process. Regardless, still getting back up and dusting off to take the teachings to the next steps because it is that important. She says: “WE are all learning this dance together. No better place to BEE vulnerable, than within a community of kindness and compassion; it leaves room for others to BEE vulnerable as well or to offer authentic kindness to one another.” Insisting that the blueprints are already created, it’s time to remember what we’ve always known to BEE true. Don’t miss the wisdom woven into the stories she shares. Everything WE say WE want is possible but it takes participation and ACTions; that’s the “hard” part… Well, not if WE make it FUN!

Musical Guest

Emel Michael

North London, UK-based Emel Michael has been writing songs since she was 16.

Her performances have touched the hearts of creatives like the legendary Grammy Award-winning Quincy Jones (“Great Voice”!) with her original material which took her to the Montreux Jazz Festival. BBC London Robert Elms 94.9fm, with Dotun saying, ‘Doesn’t she have an epic Voice.’

Emel’s unique tone is soothing, and her alternative, obscure soulful pop sound is influenced by using harmonic tuning using a science of 432hz, ensuring her music is positive and uplifting.“Music is medicine” says Emel Michael.

Her recent releases are available on all online stores.

Emel has been with the Star Teachings for several years, coming to Maine to study directly with David Lonebear Sanipass and hosting Star Teachings Events three times in 2019.

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Star Teachings events are open to everyone!

All events are Family Friendly, Chem-Free, and by Donation.

Donation-Based Tickets ($ USD) Tickets are available now! Please register to receive information to access the livestream. Tickets are by donation with a suggestion of $27 to cover costs of the event and live-streaming crew and equipment.

Suggested donation for in-person event is $37. You also receive LiveStream access and replay. All donations no matter what size help us to continue to share the Star Teachings & Technologies. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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From the Community

Jaclyn Ouillette Sanipass & Tina Iron Bird Wardwell, Two of the Captains of Ancient Echoes, discuss the Blue Star Teachings and the event that was originally scheduled to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia this past April! With travel and gathering restrictions, this event had to be changed from Canada to Maine & Online. But the teachings are still relevant!

They cover the importance of showing up in person and how community involvement is critical for these Ancient Star Teachings to be given.

It has only been a few years that these Mi’kmaq and Knight’s Templar Teachings have been available so openly. The teachings crossed the cultural threshold in 2012….and what has followed has been tremendous…

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