Holding TEA’S

Holding TEA’S

To hold a TEA’S in your area we recommend:

  • Attend at least three TEA’S in person
  • Attend online events and conference calls as they are available
  • Have a space to accommodate a group sitting in a circle
  • Be able to provide accommodations and meals for at least three of our TEAchers
  • Have a community that has shown an interest in the Star Teachings TEA’S
  • If you would like to invite TEA’S to your area, or discuss any of the above and how we can work together please email us at: distantancientechoes@gmail.com


Help to support the TEA’S and hold the light in the community. They are in the teachings, have attended many TEA’S and have demonstrated implementing the Star Teachings into their lives. They have attended an orientation for TEA’S LITES and participate in ongoing TEA’S LITES training. TEA’S Lites are in training to become TEA’S Conductors.

TEA’S Conductors

Are qualified as TEA’S LITES first. They then have more training specifically for conducting TEA’S and participate in ongoing teachings.

To Begin the Journey of becoming a TEA’S LITE and TEA’S Conductor

  • Attend as many TEA’S as possible. Find a List of TEA’S HERE
  • Attend Conference Calls& Online Teachings. Find online events HERE
  • Find a Qualified Sponsor. Please email distantancientechoes@gmail.com