Live Message from Mi’kmaq Elder David Lonebear Sanipass

On Thursday June 4th, David delivered a message to the community. You can watch the replay of this broadcast here.

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8 thoughts on “Live Message from Mi’kmaq Elder David Lonebear Sanipass”

  1. we’re all climbing the mountain, but sometimes we can’t see one another because we are taking different paths. we are all called by spirit, and we are asked to work on ourselves and heal ourselves and learn to love and forgive ourselves before reaching out to others. someday we will all reach the top of the mountain where we’ll discover we have a lot more mountains to climb together. LK

    1. Thank you so much for listening and sharing! Yes there are many paths, it’s good to meet you here. BEE well ~

  2. Thank You for continuing teaching.. very much inspired
    Thank You for explaining so simple but very deep about Facebook and power giving away.. I just got it.. with tears,
    All Love ❤️

  3. glad to have watched and listened to your message, I always get something when you have what I call a “Rant” that is words directly from your heart and I too give my best messages when I am in the “Rant” mode. There was much that I was not aware of as far as a journey up your mountain, but I must remind you that I have invited you to my mountain, maybe now would be a good time to come visit and share. Again, I offer my help in what ever capacity I could, I understand that I am physically frail but I still walk with the Bear Spirit and still have many resources that would benefit you…take care Tapit Bear Spirit Walking 207-432-8750

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