Magic Mirror

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This is a handmade Magic Mirror which contains vibrational technologies built by David Lonebear Sanipass. The instructions for this Magic Mirror came from the Copper Scrolls which are ancient texts. The Copper Scrolls give instructions on how to build these mirrors and even more vibrational technologies. The Mirror is hand-built piece by piece.

Each Mirror is Unique, The Frames May Vary

The Mirror enhances the vibrational magnetic field of emotions. This should be hung in a meditation room or a similar space. This mirror would be great for spiritual centers, yoga studios, and retreat centers. The mirror needs to be hung in a certain way, a certain distance from the floor.

The frame is copper plated. Inside contains a copper foil waveform antennae to extend a magnetic field. It works with a piezoelectric effect from quartz crystals which provides power to the mirror. It puts out 1 1/2 volts, which can be measured consistently. There is a 14K gold plate inside that harmonizes the wave field. The lens is very delicate, it is made of mylar, silver, and nickel. The benefits are to help you to be in spirit and in the moment. It assists you to quiet the mind.

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