Bumper Stickers

Kindiness, Compassion, Happiness

Hand-drawn art by David Lonebear Sanipass depicting the Star Teachings. Printed with a laser printer on vinyl. Great for bumper stickers and water bottles!

$15 plus shipping. Receive 3 stickers per order (4 inch)

Reactive Jewelry

Made to work with your Energy Field. Each piece is custom created for you by David Lonebear Sanipass.

Destiny Eye Pendant (Sterling Silver)

Handmade and hand engraved on both sides. Each piece is custom made so please allow a few months for delivery. Sapphire and fine silver.

$225.00 plus shipping

Atlantis Eye

Handmade and hand engraved on both sides. Made upon order. Moldavite centerpiece with sapphires, fine silver, and gold. Each piece is unique and made specifically for you. Due to the nature and process of this item, please allow several months for it to be ready to be shipped to you.

$1200.00 plus shipping